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Monday, September 4, 2017


     Guys, here's my personal Ultimate Madonna Playlist on Spotify, curated by yours truly. Enjoy!

Friday, August 25, 2017


     "La Isla Bonita" is one of Madonna's most-loved tunes over the years, even by Madonna herself as she genuinely seems to enjoy performing the song. She's sang it live many times, starting in 1987 upon the song's initial release in her WHO'S THAT GIRL tour.

     She sang the song again in 1993 on her GIRLIE SHOW tour.


     Madonna re-invented the song in 2001 on her DROWNED WORLD tour, giving us a much more mellow and beautiful vibe.


      Madonna brought "La Isla Bonita" back in 2006 on the CONFESSIONS tour, taking us back to the days of disco and turning it into a club banger.


      Once again she re-invented the song for her STICKY AND SWEET tour in 2009, bringing a dose of gypsy-flavored theatricality to the proceedings.


     Madonna returned the song to its roots on her REBEL HEART tour in 2016, taking us right back to the 80's.




Monday, April 17, 2017


     Of course we all know "Borderline" is not only one of Madonna's most cherished and loved hits, but one of the most well-loved hits of the 1980's. It's a bona-fide classic- yet unbelievably she's only performed the song live twice in her entire career! Besides a random performance on her very fist VIRGIN TOUR, she sang a punk version of "Borderline" on her STICKY AND SWEET tour, and a mellowed-down and beautiful performance on THE JIMMY FALLOW SHOW with guest star President Obama. Both versions couldn't be more different from the original pop classic, yet both versions are amazing in their own way.


Sunday, April 9, 2017


     Life can be so strange sometimes. "Ghosttown", the second single released off Madonna's criminally underrated REBEL HEART album from 2015, is widely considered one of her most-loved tracks in years, yet hardly made a wave in pop music. Had this song been released by Taylor Swift (oddly who appears in a live version of this song later in this post...) or Katy Perry, it would have been a massive hit, but for some reason it was by Madonna and was virtually ignored. However, the song made an impact and is slowly finding an audience. Madonna made a stunning, return-to-classic-form video that should have pleased fans who continually bitch about how she "sucks now" and "used to be good".  She also delivered some knock-out live performances of the song as well, proving to long-standing critics who say she cannot sing. Here's a taste of the great "Ghosttown".

Here's a taste of Madonna singing the song live.