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Sunday, April 9, 2017


     Life can be so strange sometimes. "Ghosttown", the second single released off Madonna's criminally underrated REBEL HEART album from 2015, is widely considered one of her most-loved tracks in years, yet hardly made a wave in pop music. Had this song been released by Taylor Swift (oddly who appears in a live version of this song later in this post...) or Katy Perry, it would have been a massive hit, but for some reason it was by Madonna and was virtually ignored. However, the song made an impact and is slowly finding an audience. Madonna made a stunning, return-to-classic-form video that should have pleased fans who continually bitch about how she "sucks now" and "used to be good".  She also delivered some knock-out live performances of the song as well, proving to long-standing critics who say she cannot sing. Here's a taste of the great "Ghosttown".

Here's a taste of Madonna singing the song live.

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