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Friday, August 25, 2017


     "La Isla Bonita" is one of Madonna's most-loved tunes over the years, even by Madonna herself as she genuinely seems to enjoy performing the song. She's sang it live many times, starting in 1987 upon the song's initial release in her WHO'S THAT GIRL tour.

     She sang the song again in 1993 on her GIRLIE SHOW tour.


     Madonna re-invented the song in 2001 on her DROWNED WORLD tour, giving us a much more mellow and beautiful vibe.


      Madonna brought "La Isla Bonita" back in 2006 on the CONFESSIONS tour, taking us back to the days of disco and turning it into a club banger.


      Once again she re-invented the song for her STICKY AND SWEET tour in 2009, bringing a dose of gypsy-flavored theatricality to the proceedings.


     Madonna returned the song to its roots on her REBEL HEART tour in 2016, taking us right back to the 80's.


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