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Sunday, November 18, 2018


     "Into the Groove" is one of  Madonna's most iconic and well-loved songs- although it was never technically released as a single. Featured in her debut film DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN and put on the B-side of her hit single "Angel", "Into the Groove" instantly became a smash hit on MTV. One of the most loved songs of the 1980's, it's become a Madonna staple that she has performed many times over the years. The first time was on her 1985 VIRGIN TOUR.

     That same year, Madonna appeared in LIVE AID, and gave a solid and memorable performance of the song.


      Two years later, Madonna would slightly re-invent the song, adding the infamous piano break to the song. Similar to the Shep Pettibone remix featured on her YOU CAN DANCE remix album, it was a highly energetic performance with Madonna pulling out all the stops. Guys, she's dancing her heart out and singing live the entire time- VERY few people can do this and even fewer have. It's incredible, to be perfectly honest.


     "Into the Groove" returned in 1990 when Madonna's BLOND AMBITION tour rocked the universe.

    Madonna skipped performing "Into the Groove" on her next two tours, only to completely change up the song in her aptly named RE-INVENTION tour in 2004, this time adding bagpipes and Missy Elliott.


     Madonna's most recent performance of her classic tune was in 2009 on her massively successful STICKY AND SWEET tour. This might be my favorite performance of this song- the energy and Keith Haring graphics are simply too much. You can't touch this mother fuckers!


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